Molosso Mimosso, The Amazing Tahlia

The Amazing Tahlia’s cut leg has been healing well and she has resumed trackwork. She galloped this morning with Lincoln Cash Man (video above) and they worked from the 1000m in the following furlong sectionals:

14.00, 15.79, 14.30, 11.72, 11.76

Tahlia is on track to race again at Sapphire Coast on the 2nd of February over 900m.

Molosso Mimosso has settled in well since her arrival last week. She spent the first two days asleep, recovering from the long journey but she is now working well and she galloped this morning (video below).

She galloped with a mate on the course proper over 800m in the following sectionals:

16.72, 16.59, 13.01, 11.88

She worked quite well but is a bit green and needs some more practice galloping with a mate. In the video you can see her left ear is turned on her mate the whole way up the straight, she is a bit unsure of herself and she jumped the crossing.

We are planning on sending her to the jumpouts at Moruya on Tuesday to build her experience and get a better gauge on how far off a barrier trial she is.