Molosso Mimosso, The Amazing Tahlia

Molosso Mimosso had a jumpout at Moruya on Tuesday morning (rider wearing pink in video above). She loaded into the gates well and jumped with the other runners. She was a little slow to muster speed but the jumpout was only over 800m.

She has pulled up well, only leaving a little feed the next morning and is back to normal now. She went for a trail ride on the bush track on Wednesday morning to do something different from trackwork and she was excellent. We are planning on galloping her again on Saturday and then deciding if she needs another jumpout or if we can take her to the barrier trials.

The Amazing Tahlia had a solid gallop with Sarazna on Tuesday morning (video above). They worked from the 1000m mark in the following sectionals:

15.41, 14.48, 12.73, 10.95, 11.32

Tahlia is entered to race on Saturday at Sapphire Coast in the 900m maiden. Her leg has healed up very well from the cut she sustained earlier in the month and she is ready to go. She went to the river on Wednesday morning (she is the horse on the right of the photo below) and the salt water has done a great job of cleaning up the last of the wound.