Trackwork fastest furlong

10.34s Living Doll

10.36s Tides of Fortune

10.45s Malachi Crunch

10.45s The Amazing Tahlia

10.50s Malachi Crunch

Trackwork fastest speed

76.80 km/h Tides of Fortune

74.16 km/h Malachi Crunch

72.2 km/h Belle Tournure

71.90 km/h Living Doll

71.60 km/h Living Doll

Stakes won with Thorotek

$118,725 Malachi Crunch (leased)

$75,250 Airfree (cost $12,000)

$71,745 Belle Tournure (cost $20,000)

$69,588 Millijule (leased)

$61,842 Living Doll (cost $19,000)