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Icksta had an easy jumpout at Moruya this morning. He settles at the rear in the video above (rider in pink colours and blue cap) and works home down the outside.

We have him nominated for the races at Sapphire Coast on Saturday so we only wanted him to do a steady gallop today. He pulled up good and we will accept for Saturday and see how the field looks.

Cosmic Barb

Cosmic Barb had a nice jumpout at Moruya this morning. She is sitting outside the leader in the video above (rider in pink colours and blue cap). She is very calm and professional. She was excellent in the tie ups waiting for her heat and only hesitated a little to load into the barrier. She jumped quickly, travelled well and worked to the line nicely.

She returned to the stalls hardly blowing and not stressed by the jumpout at all. Her breathing was perfect, confirming she is over her recent cold.

We will see how she is over the next few days but she should be able to go straight to an official trial off her performance today.

Cosmic Barb

Cosmic Barb is back to herself after fighting off a bit of a cold and she is ready for a jumpout. She will be jumping out at home on Tuesday morning. Her trackwork has been good the past week and she is much brighter and happier.


Hoystryke has recovered great from her last race and is back galloping now on fast mornings. She is aiming to race again at Canberra on the 19th.

Times Change

Times Change has come through her jumpout great. She is eating everything, which has been a difficulty for her in the past. She will step it up to an official barrier trial on Wednesday morning at Kembla Grange. It will be a big day out for her, travelling and experiencing a more serious race day environment.


Icksta has come through his recent jumpout very well and is going to have a second jumpout at home on Tuesday morning. We are planning to nominate him for Sapphire Coast on Saturday 13th of February in the Class 1 1200m.

Real Salty

Real Salty will start her journey to a race start on Wednesday morning when she has her first barrier trial at Kembla Grange. She had a good jumpout at home and it is time to step up the pressure with a trip away and a trial in a bigger field and a more serious environment. The fields will be published on Monday afternoon.