Author: Thorotek

No Emotion, Pinch Passion

No Emotion and Pinch Passion jumped out together at Moruya this morning (video above). No Emotion finished off very well and will be entered to race in the “Country Magic” C3 1200m at Moruya on January 6th.

Pinch Passion knocked up a bit the last 100m but he has not done as much pace work in the lead up and we are happy with how he performed this morning.


Fantini had her second jumpout at Moruya this morning (video above). Her barrier manners were not great and it caused her to miss the start. She was left chasing the whole time but she still finished off okay. She will still aim to race in the 1000m Maiden at Moruya on the 6th of January.

Chairman's Choice

Chairman’s Choice finished off very well in his jumpout this morning at Moruya (video above).

We were aiming to start him at Moruya on the 6th of January but we think he needs a bit more galloping so we will start him first up at Nowra in the Class 2 1400m on the 12th of January.

Boom and Zoom

Boom and Zoom had a good jumpout this morning at Moruya (video above). She finished off well in the straight and is on track to race at Moruya on the 6th of January.


Legislation is back at the stables and he looks well rested after his break in the paddock. He had his new shoes fitted this morning and he is ready to get back to work tomorrow.

Pinch Passion

Pinch Passion had his first gallop this morning. He was blowing quite a bit when he pulled up but he is still building up his fitness as he heads towards a jumpout on Christmas Eve. His condition continues to improve and he is getting more spark about him and he gets fitter.


Sifu is starting to feel the work after her jumpout. We gave her an easy week last week to help her recover and she was much better this morning. We will do some more barrier practice tomorrow morning to try to improve her manners, especially behind the gates and then try to get her through to the barrier trial on Sunday.

She is still eating brilliantly and gets her work done on the track but she will probably need to go to the paddock after the trial to give her growing body a rest. She is developing into a really nice looking horse and she is keen to run and compete with her mates so there is lots to look forward to in the future.


Abundance had a set back this past week when he didn’t pull up very well from his gallop on Saturday. We decided not to race him this weekend and instead we will back off him this week and just do light work. We will treat him with some medication and aim to have him ready to race on January 2nd at Sapphire Coast. He is still eating well and is quite happy to be doing river and trail rides all week as he really enjoys that.


Fantini has stepped up to a new level after her jumpout and showed real improvement in her gallop this morning. She is coming along great and will have a second jumpout on Christmas Eve at Moruya. She is holding her condition really well and is developing her strength and muscle tone as she continues her training.

Bring Me Some

Bring Me Some started 3/4 pace this morning on the grass track. He spent last week building up his fitness with some 1/2 pace and is now ready to step up. He will continue to increase his fast work over the next few weeks and is aiming to have a jumpout on the 9th of January. He is a great eater and is very sensible and professional.


Icksta is on track to have his first start of the prep at Moruya on Sunday over 1300m. He has recovered from his jumpout well and continues to eat and work well. The fields will be published on Thursday morning.

Hay Bale

Hay Bale has shown really good improvement from the jumpout last week and his gallop this morning with Pauper was excellent work (video above). He will race on Sunday at Moruya in the Christmas Flying over 1010m and we think he is back to himself heading into this race.

Boom and Zoom

Boom and Zoom had her first gallop for the prep this morning in preparation for the jumpouts on Christmas Eve. She is holding her weight very well and she looks a lot more solid since her spell.


Pauper has been galloping well since his last race and he had a solid hit out this morning with Hay Bale (final gallop in the video above). The weather for Saturday is forecast to be extremely hot so Racing NSW has moved the meeting from Warwick Farm in Western Sydney to Randwick. Even so, it is still forecast to be in the high 30’s.

We have nominated Pauper for the Highway Handicap on Saturday and for the meeting at Moruya on Sunday as a plan B if the weather or smoke is too risky for Pauper to travel to Sydney.


Airfree has come through her jumpout very well and her trackwork gallops continue to impress (video above). She is trialling at Moruya on Sunday and we can’t wait to get her back to the races.

No Emotion

No Emotion is gearing up for a jumpout on the 24th at Moruya. His gallops have been coming along good (video above) and his condition is looking a lot better this past week after we tinkered with his diet and started stronger ulcer medication.

It will be good to see him back at the races in the early new year.

Chairman's Choice

Chairman’s Choice had his first gallop of the prep this morning (included in the video above). He just coasted working on his own but it was a good first hit out. He will start galloping with a mate as he gets closer to racing.

He is still on track to have a jumpout on Christmas Eve at Moruya. He is holding good condition and his attitude has been great since his spell.



Gossip successfully passed her barrier trial at Canberra on Sunday. The video replay can be viewed at this link

She worked steadily and finished off well and the trial was run in good time.

She has pulled up a little jarred up on the hard Canberra track so she is just taking it easy for a few days walking and at the river.

We had planned to back her up to race on Sunday but she had a very long float trip home from the trial after the highway was closed due to bush fires. She will instead aim to race at the Moruya Cup meeting on the 6th of January.