At Thorotek Racing we are always on the lookout for suitable horses to join our stable

The easiest way to enjoy racing is to become a part owner of a tried horse. Tried horses have race experience so they are able to race quickly and frequently unlike yearlings which have a much longer preparation time.

Most of our horses are sourced from tried horse auctions that are conducted monthly online. To select horses that have a good chance of racing and winning, the horse must meet certain criteria:

  • good previous form
  • suitable Benchmark rating
  • racing history that suggests no serious previous injury
  • have soundness confirmed by a pre-purchase veterinary check
  • pass a pre-purchase veterinary scope to confirm no restrictions to airways
  • from a reputable stable with a good record of horse welfare and compliance with Rules of Racing

To register your interest to become a part-owner of our next horse just fill in a few details: