Horse Updates

Real Salty

Stella has been given her official race name. Our first choice “Stella Impact” was not available so she will be named “Real Salty”. It is a clever fit given her sire is Real Impact and her dam is Saltator.

Stella has a week and a half left of her spell. She is in the same paddock as Cosmic Barb and they have been getting along great, sharing feeders and relaxing together. Stella is on the left in the photo above.


Click above for Pahang’s update


Click above for Tornac’s update


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Tornac is coming along well and will be jumping out on the 2nd of December. Click above for a video update.

Tornac has really taken to the bush track and he had his first visit to the river this morning, which he loved. He is leading on the bush track in the video below.

His favourite thing is to have a roll in the sand after he works, before he has his wash:


Mikkeyday is back at the stables after her 3 month spell. Click above for video of her first day on the track.


Click above for Pahang’s video update

Chairman's Choice

Chairman’s Choice is back at the stables. Click above for his video update.