Duck Gold

Duck Gold

Duck Gold had her first jumpout for the prep this morning at Moruya. She can be slow to load into the gates but she was quite good this morning and had a nice performance. She is in the yellow with grey cap on the fence in the video above.

The 800m jumpout was run in 49.44 seconds with the final 600m in 35.81 seconds.

Duck Gold

Duck Gold is now in her 5th week of training and is ready to start some 3/4 pace. She has been going well and is about a month off jumping out.

Duck Gold living up to her name after a recent downpour
Duck Gold


Duck Gold is now in week two of training and she is cantering each morning to build up her fitness. She has settled back into the stables well and will be ready to start some 1/2 pace in one more week.

Duck Gold

Duck Gold returns to the stables at the beginning of next week to resume training. She has been in the paddock for 4 weeks and we are looking forward to having her back in work.

Duck Gold, Pinch Passion

Pinch Passion and Duck Gold had a short hit out on Tuesday morning on the B grass, working from the 800m mark (click above for video).

Duck Gold

Jumpouts 26/03/19

Duck Gold had her second jumpout for the prep this morning at Moruya. She loaded much faster than previous attempts and was able to get amongst the other horses for the first time.

She finished off very well and is now ready to trial to be passed to start racing. Assuming she recovers well from her jumpout over the next few days, she will trial at Moruya on the 9th of April.

Duck Gold

Jumpouts 12/03/19

Duck Gold had a jumpout at Moruya this morning (click above for video). She was hesitant to load into the gates, as usual, but was good waiting to jump. She jumped very quickly and waited for another runner so they could work around together.

She will have anther jumpout in a fortnight, to try to learn to load quicker and then off to the trials to be cleared to race.

Duck Gold

Duck Gold is coming along great and is ready to have a jumpout next Tuesday at Moruya. She is really switched on this prep and is galloping well.

Duck Gold

Duck Gold has done two track gallops this time in and she is working very well. She was due to jumpout on Tuesday but she had a bad reaction to some insect bites last week so we will delay her jumpout a fortnight to the 12th of March.

Duck Gold

Duck Gold started some 1/2 pace this week and continues to build her fitness and work towards her first barrier trial.

Duck Gold

Take a look at the wonderful bush trail we have access to for our horses’ relaxation days in the video above. Filmed on a Cambox helmet camera, onboard Duck Gold and following Georgian Court, as they wind their way through the trees.

Duck Gold

Duck Gold returned to the stables this week and has done a couple of days of slow work. She has grown so much over the last six months and is really turning into a nice horse.

She will be aiming to do her barrier trial this prep and possibly have her first race start.

Duck Gold

Duck Gold has gone to the spelling paddock for a four week break. We were exceptionally pleased with her jumpout but her body was ready for a rest. She continued to eat up everything following her jumpout but she was a bit stiff and muscle sore at trackwork.

She will return to the stables next month and should be able to trial next preparation.

Duck Gold, Stable News

Duck Gold’s jumpout debut 11/12/18

Duck Gold had her first ever jumpout today at Moruya and she did an excellent job. It was her first time in the race day stalls and her first time loading into the barriers with more than one other horse.

She jumped perfectly, a length in front of the other runners, and travelled beautifully throughout the 800m trial.

Her ClockIt GPS sectionals for the last 600m were:

11.22, 11.96, 11.44

We will see how she pulls up from her jumpout and she will either go to the barrier trials at Moruya on the 23rd or have a second jumpout.

Duck Gold

Duck Gold is preparing for her first jumpout on Tuesday the 11th December. She had barrier practice on Wednesday morning with Shamus the stable pony.

Duck Gold, Stable News

Charlotte gets her race name


Our Artie Schiller filly has been registered to race with the name:

Duck Gold

Her name is a celebration of the memory of many wonderful winner dinners and good times spent with our friends in the Hawkesbury and a reminder to find the fun in the small things in life and enjoy each moment.

Duck Gold, Minnie Malachi

Minnie Malachi and our Artie Schiller filly “Charlotte” have struck up an instant friendship. They spend their day grooming each other, taking naps together and keeping each other company.

Minnie Malachi has started cantering and Charlotte is planning on jumping out on the 11th of December.

Duck Gold, Living Doll

Living Doll lead the way for our Artie Schiller filly on the bush trail on Wednesday morning.

Living Doll is entered to race at Canberra on Sunday and our Artie Schiller filly has started pace work.

Duck Gold, Sarzana

Sarzana (pink) is back in work after a short spell in the paddock. Her performance at Moruya in September was too bad to be true and she has been acting quite different since she returned to the stables so we suspect she was suffering from a virus when she raced and performed so poorly.

Our Artie Schiller filly is ready to start pace work next week. She will be aiming to have a barrier trial this time in and hopefully a race start. We will decide on a name for her and have her registered this month so she is ready to go when her fitness improves.