Hay Bale

Hay Bale

Hay Bale has come through his barrier trial on Monday brilliantly. He is feeling so well and he is now ready to race. He galloped this morning (video above) and he is on track to race on the 6th of August at Moruya.

Hay Bale, Jeddah Aheadah

Hay Bale and Jeddah Aheadah had a solid gallop together this morning on the course proper (video above). They worked home the final two furlongs in:

11.5, 11.3

Both horses are heading to Goulburn on Monday (Jeddah to race and Hay Bale to trial).

Hay Bale

Hay Bale had an impressive jumpout at Moruya this morning (he is in the yellow colours in the video above).

The 800m jumpout was run in 46.78 seconds, with the final 600m in 33.77 seconds.

Hay Bale finished off well and was hardly blowing at all when he returned to the stalls.

Hay Bale

Hay Bale has really come on from his jumpout and he is much more switched on. His gallops have improved and he is heading towards his second jumpout on the 9th of July.

The video above is his gallop on Friday with Airfree. They worked from the 1000m mark in the following sectionals:

17.08, 15.50, 14.19, 11.83, 11.10


Hay Bale

Hay Bale had his first jumpout of the prep this morning at Moruya. Unfortunately due to a scratching, there were only two horses in the heat but he performed well and it gave him a good gallop. He jumped well and lengthened out in the straight to finish off strongly. The video is above and the helmet camera video is below.

We will see how he pulls up from today and decide if he needs another jumpout or if he can go straight to the races.


Hay Bale


Hay Bale is now in his fourth week of training and he has started 1/2 pace on the grass. He had his first trip to the river last week (click below for video). He was a little apprehensive stepping into the water but he was happy wading along with his friends.

He will start some 3/4 pace next week.

Hay Bale

Last week we welcomed a lovely new horse into the stable called Hay Bale. He is a very well performed gelding from Victoria who was previously trained by Robbie Griffiths.

He has settled in to his work wonderfully and is quickly becoming a stable favourite thanks to his relaxed attitude and friendly nature.