Jeddah Aheadah

Jeddah Aheadah
Jeddah Aheadah wins at Canberra 8/05/19

Jeddah Aheadah has recovered from her win at Canberra last week extremely well. Her gallop this morning was very strong (video below) and she should be primed to return to the races at Canberra on the 24th of May.


Jeddah Aheadah


Jeddah Aheadah had a good performance at Bega on Friday, picking up 3rd in her first start for our stable. She was very slow to muster and took a while to find a run in the straight but she still ran well. She is ready to step up in distance and we have learned a few things about her from this start that we can put to use going forward.

Jeddah Aheadah

Jumpouts 12/03/19

Jeddah Aheadah had an easy jumpout at Moruya this morning (click above for video). She was finishing off very well without being asked and we think she will be ready to race at the end of the month, without a second jumpout.

Jeddah Aheadah

Jeddah Aheadah had her first gallop on Tuesday morning and she travelled beautifully. She is naturally very competitive and pinned her ears back wanting to race her partner.

She is ready to have a jumpout on Tuesday next week.

Jeddah Aheadah, Joan Constance

Joan Constance is coming along really well and is ready to have a jumpout tomorrow. Her gallop video from Saturday is above. She has been eating everything and holding her weight excellently.

Jeddah Aheadah has started pacework and is doing it easily (video below). She is such a lovely, professional girl and she has also been eating well.