Living Doll

Living Doll

Living Doll had her second jumpout on Tuesday morning at Moruya (video above). She jumped well and led the whole way. Her heat was run in 47.35s over 800m (last 600m in 34.37s).

She will be nominated for Sapphire Coast on the 9th of June.

Living Doll

Living Doll had her first jumpout of the prep on Tuesday morning (video above). She was given an easy run because she had only done two track gallops in the lead up.

She finished in 1st place running the 800m in 46.68 seconds and the last 600m in 34.36 seconds.

We are planning on giving her a second jumpout on the 28th before she returns to the races at Sapphire Coast on the 9th of June.

Living Doll


Living Doll had another good performance at Nowra last week to finish 3rd. She has gone to the paddock for a rest and will return to training in month.

Living Doll

Unfortunately, the track was too wet to race Living Doll at Kembla on Saturday so we will nominate her for Nowra on Sunday the 17th of February.

Living Doll, Malachi Crunch

Living Doll and Malachi Crunch galloped together on Thursday morning (video above).

They worked from the 1000m mark in the following sectionals:

16.82, 15.71, 14.67, 11.78, 11.51

Living Doll is planning on racing at Kembla Grange on the 9th and Malachi Crunch is aiming to race on the 5th, also at Kembla Grange.

Living Doll


Living Doll recovered from her victory on Monday with a trip to the river the next morning (photo above). Despite the heat this week, she has bounced back very well and is a very tough mare.

She is planning to race again at Kembla Grange on the 9th of February.

Living Doll, Sarzana

Living Doll is entered to race at Moruya on Monday in the BM58 over 1020m. She has a lot of weight but with Pat Scorse’s claim she will carry 60.5kg.

She galloped with Sarzana on Tuesday morning (video above) and they worked home in very quick time:

17.15, 14.11, 14.10, 11.51, 10.96

Sarzana is also entered to race at Moruya on Monday over 1210m and we think she is knocking on the door to break her maiden status.

Living Doll

Living Doll is preparing to race again at Moruya on the 21st of January in the BM58 over 1010m.

Her hard fought 2nd place at Sapphire Coast at the beginning of the month was her 10th top 3 finish out of the 13 races she has run since joining our stable just under a year ago. She is incredibly consistent and has amassed $44K in prize money this last 12 months.

Living Doll

Living Doll is nominated to race at Sapphire Coast on the 2nd. She will have 60.5kg with Pat Scorse’s claim but the race seems to be easier than the Federal at Canberra, which is the other option.

Living Doll has recovered from her 4th place run at Moruya very well and she has won at Sapphire Coast previously.

Living Doll

Living Doll was scratched from Canberra races on Sunday due to the Soft track. She had a solid gallop on Tuesday morning (video above) with a mate. They worked from the 800m mark and the furlong sectionals were:

15.75, 14.26, 12.50, 11.17

Living Doll visited the river on Wednesday for a recover session (video below – second horse).

She is entered to race on Sunday at Moruya in the Christmas Flying over 1010m.

Living Doll

Living Doll is back at the stables following a short freshen up in the spelling paddock last week. She did some pace work this morning (click above to view video) and will have a sprint up on Thursday. She is nominated to race at Canberra on Sunday over 1000m.

Living Doll, Pulla Swifty

Pulla Swifty galloped with Living Doll on Thursday and she worked much better with a mate. She was controlled but finished off the gallop strongly.

The furlong sectionals were:

15.30, 14.27, 11.46, 11.25

Pulla Swifty is entered to race at Sapphire Coast on Monday.

We had planned on racing Living Doll at Kembla Grange on Saturday but the track will be too wet for her. She is going to the paddock for a week off next week and will then aim to race at Moruya on the 23rd of December.

Living Doll

Living Doll has recovered from her race at Canberra very well after having an easy week. Today was her first morning of pacework since racing and she did 3/4 pace over 1000m, hard on the bit and very keen.

We will nominate her for Kembla Grange on the 1st of December.

Living Doll, Stable News

Canberra Races 18/11/18

Living Doll put in another tough performance at Canberra on Sunday to finish 3rd in the BM65 1200m. Ridden by Pat Scorse, she jumped a length in front, sat outside the leader and was only beaten 0.4 lengths in the finish.

We have had Living Doll for 11 starts now for 2 wins and 7 placings, making her an impressively consistent horse.

To aid her recovery, she went to the river to wade in the cool salt water on Monday morning. She always eats up after racing and bounces back quite quickly after each start.

Duck Gold, Living Doll

Living Doll lead the way for our Artie Schiller filly on the bush trail on Wednesday morning.

Living Doll is entered to race at Canberra on Sunday and our Artie Schiller filly has started pace work.

Living Doll

Living Doll has come through her back to back wins brilliantly. She galloped this morning, working from the 1000m mark:

15.84, 15.11, 13.72, 11.30, 12.02

She has been nominated to race at either Kembla Grange on Saturday or Canberra on Sunday.

Living Doll, Millijule

Our three last start winners, Living Doll, Millijule and stable pony, Depreciation had a relaxing recovery session at the river on Wednesday. Millijule was so excited about being at the river she kicked up her heels the whole way down the river bank.

Millijule (left), Living Doll (centre) & Depreciation (right)
Living Doll, Millijule

Living Doll (closest) had a relaxing recovery session at the river this morning after her brilliant win at Sapphire Coast yesterday. She was accompanied by Millijule who is racing at Moruya on Tuesday.