Horse Updates

Georgian Court

Georgian Court had her final gallop on Tuesday morning before heading to Sapphire Coast on Saturday (video above). They have been getting quite a bit of rain at Bega, which should suit her perfectly. She is dropping back to 1600m and has been kept fresh since her last start.

Minnie Malachi

Minnie Malachi’s first jumpout ended in a bit of a mishap on Tuesday morning.

She was brilliant in the race day stalls (photo above) and good going up to the start. When she was behind the barriers, waiting to load, she reversed into the rail and scared herself, jumping forwards and losing her rider. She ran back to the mounting yard without injuring herself but she did lose a shoe so was unable to do the jumpout.

She has been trackworking well since Tuesday and will gallop on Saturday morning. We will take her back to the jumpouts on the 12th of February.

Living Doll


Living Doll recovered from her victory on Monday with a trip to the river the next morning (photo above). Despite the heat this week, she has bounced back very well and is a very tough mare.

She is planning to race again at Kembla Grange on the 9th of February.

Georgian Court

Georgian Court had an easy week following her run at Moruya on Monday. She went to the river, on a trail ride and did some cantering. She is aiming to race again next weekend at Sapphire Coast.

Lincoln Cash Man, Ollie the Third

Ollie the Third galloped this morning on the course proper (video above). He has such a long stride, he can be deceiving to watch and is often going faster than he looks. He will be nominated for Sapphire Coast on the 3rd of February.

Ollie has slotted back into our stable very well and really enjoys living in his yard, annoying his neighbour all day by stealing his fly mask repeatedly.

Lincoln Cash Man also galloped this morning with The Amazing Tahlia (video below – Lincoln is on the inside).

They worked over 1000m in the following sectionals:

14.00, 15.79, 14.30, 11.72, 11.76

Lincoln worked quite well but could have travelled in to the bit harder. He will be nominated for Sapphire Coast on the 2nd of February and he will have another gallop on Tuesday.


Sarzana has come through her maiden victory brilliantly. She is eating better than ever and let out a big squeal as she walked onto the track this morning.

She had an easy week cantering and at the river (photo below following Resort).

She is aiming to race again at Sapphire Coast next weekend.


Minnie Malachi

Minnie Malachi continues to improve each time she gallops. The video above is from Saturday morning (she is on the outside). She also galloped on Tuesday morning and both times she worked home in an 11 second furlong.

We are planning on taking her to the jumpouts on Tuesday at Moruya for her first outing. She will just be there for practice, not to break any records, and to have a good experience.


Resort has come through his race on Monday very well. It has been a hot week here in Moruya and the horses have been enjoying a roll when they come in from their work sweating and itchy (video above).

Resort had an easy week to recover from his race, doing slow cantering and taking a trip to the river.

Resort is aiming to race again at Sapphire Coast on the 3rd of February.

Malachi Crunch

Malachi Crunch had his first outing to the river this week and he was perfect. He confidently led the way through the water, followed by Georgian Court and Depreciation (video above).

We were very pleased with Malachi Crunch’s effort in the Narooma Town Plate, especially since it was his first race over 1300m. He has always been a short distance sprinter but as he gets older, he is learning to settle and stretch out the distances he can race over.

At trackwork, Malachi Crunch always does the bare minimum and barely makes it around to the exit before stopping. His rider, Maddy, filmed the video below from her helmet camera on Saturday morning showing the effort needed to make it the last 200m in a slow canter. Sometimes it is hard to believe he has won 5 races.

Duck Gold

Duck Gold started some 1/2 pace this week and continues to build her fitness and work towards her first barrier trial.


pauper 23-01-2019

Our new boy, Pauper, has settled in great and is loving his new life in Moruya. He is an excellent eater and is beautifully quiet to handle and ride.

He has been cantering this week and will continue doing slow work for another couple of weeks to build up his fitness before commencing fast work.


Airfree has pulled up very well from her race at Moruya on Monday. The video above shows her following Living Doll through the river on Tuesday morning. It was a frustrating run with nothing going right but she will be ready to race again at Sapphire Coast on the 3rd of February at the Showcase meeting.

Belle Tournure

Sad news this week when we learned Belle Tournure will need to be retired from racing. Her knees have required close management this prep to stay sound but she has now chipped one of her knees and will go for an operation next week to have the chip removed.

We had her x-rayed following her brilliant 2nd place performance in the Moruya Cup and she was fine so we sent her to the paddock. Unfortunately, she managed to chip the joint running around in the paddock, which was confirmed with another x-ray this week.

She has been an incredible success story for our stable and we are relieved she did not injure herself during a race. She will be totally fine being a broodmare and the operation next week will mean her knees will be comfortable for her next stage of life.

Belle was purchased for $20,000 18 months ago and since then she has won 4 races (including the Christmas Cup at Moruya), placed 2nd 3 times, 3rd twice and has amassed just under $72,000 in only 14 starts.

Enjoy retirement Belle!



Minnie Malachi

It’s been another big week for Minnie Malachi. With so many new things to learn, she is busy learning her trade each day.

She galloped for the first time this week, running up the last furlong on the B grass. It can take a while to learn how to balance at a full gallop carrying a rider but she was very good. She is confident, travels straight and has a good action.

She went on another trail ride and also had her second jumpout practice at the barriers (video above). She was quicker to jump than her first attempt and was very easy to load into the gates. The lead horse is Shamus (Depreciation) who is very experienced and was having his final sprint up before racing on Monday so he didn’t wait for her this time. Each time they jumpout when they are learning, they get a bit quicker and using an experience horse like Shamus to show them the ropes is far more effective than rushing them out of the gates.

Pulla Swifty

Pulla Swifty is enjoying her spell and is due back at the stables mid February.

Duck Gold

Take a look at the wonderful bush trail we have access to for our horses’ relaxation days in the video above. Filmed on a Cambox helmet camera, onboard Duck Gold and following Georgian Court, as they wind their way through the trees.

Belle Tournure
Belle Tournure (centre)

Belle Tounure is back at the stables after a week in the paddock. Above is a photo of her leading the way out of the river on Wednesday morning. She is aiming to start at Sapphire Coast on the 3rd of February.


Airfree is entered to race at Moruya on Monday. She had a solid gallop with Resort on Tuesday morning (video above – onboard Airfree). They worked home the last two furlongs in:

11.77, 11.41

Airfree was wearing her tongue tie in this gallop and will continue to wear it at the races.

She went to the river on Wednesday for a recovery session (photo below) and she will sprint up on Friday morning for her final hit out.

Airfree (centre)
Living Doll, Sarzana

Living Doll is entered to race at Moruya on Monday in the BM58 over 1020m. She has a lot of weight but with Pat Scorse’s claim she will carry 60.5kg.

She galloped with Sarzana on Tuesday morning (video above) and they worked home in very quick time:

17.15, 14.11, 14.10, 11.51, 10.96

Sarzana is also entered to race at Moruya on Monday over 1210m and we think she is knocking on the door to break her maiden status.


After 27 weeks in training, Millijule has come to the end of her prep and has gone to the paddock for a well earned rest. This preparation she won at Moruya on Melbourne Cup Day, setting a new Class record and she placed 2nd, also at Moruya.

Millijule is a 7 year old mare but she still really enjoys getting out on the track each morning and she loves to run so she will return to the stables for another preparation before a breeding career is considered.