Pinch River

Pinch River

Pinch River had a very impressive jumpout on Tuesday morning, performing up to the level we know he is capable of from his previous form.

He won the jumpout by a huge margin, running the 800m in 45.81 seconds and the last 600m in 33.60 seconds.

His race at Hawkesbury was a disappointing result but it has helped his fitness enormously and he recovered from the gallop almost instantly.

He will be nominated for Randwick on the 25th.

Pinch River


Pinch River has pulled up okay from his disappointing run at Hawkesbury.

He went to the river on Wednesday morning and will spend the rest of the week trail riding and at the river.

We are aiming to jump him out on Tuesday and then head towards Randwick on the 25th.

Pinch River


Pinch River has come through his jumpout very well. It was his first time out of the gates in over a year so we expected him to be a bit muscle sore but he has been good as gold and is right to push on to a barrier trial this next week.

Pinch River

Jumpouts 26/03/19

Pinch River had his first jumpout in over a year this morning at Moruya (video above – turn on sound for jockey, Brock Ryan’s, comments).

He was hard held and worked home well. He will aim to trial on the 9th of April.

Pinch River

Pinch River has started pace work and is building up his fitness. He is very strong and travels like a fast horse in his work and we are looking forward to getting him to the races.

Pinch Passion, Pinch River

Pinch River is ready to start some pace work this week. He had a year off from the track so we have taken it a bit easy in his pre-training but he has been coping very well and it is time to step up to some faster work.

Last week Pinch Passion arrived at the stables from Queensland. He was initially quite tired from his long journey but he has settled in very well and is is lovely to ride. He has been up racing, so he should be ready to have his first start for our stable in only a couple of weeks.

Pinch River


Pinch River has settled in very well and has now done nearly two weeks of slow trotting and cantering and trail rides. He had a long spell so he will do at least 4 weeks of slow work before staring pace work.