Minnie Malachi

Minnie Malachi

Minnie Malachi has come along faster than anticipated since her spell so we sent her around at the jumpouts on Thursday morning (in yellow in the video above). We wanted her to settle and work home over the line which she did very well.

We are aiming to trial her again at Moruya on the 18th of August before she has her first race. We are not satisfied that she learnt enough in her first barrier trial (in June) to perform well at the races so we would like her to have more practice before her racing debut. In her first trial she ran as fast as she could from the barriers until she ran out of steam. We need her to learn to settle and sprint in order for her to be competitive.

Her jumpout on Thursday was a good step in the right direction and if her trial goes well we will race her on the 3rd of September at Moruya.

Instruments, Minnie Malachi

Minnie Malachi has been going very well since returning to work. Her attitude has been much better since her little break and we started pace work this week, earlier than expected. The video above is her 3/4 pace with Instruments this morning (Minnie Malachi is on the outside).

We are aiming to jump out both Minnie Malachi & Instruments on the 22nd of August.

Minnie Malachi

Minnie Malachi is back at the stables a few days earlier than planned and has started cantering on the track. She was moving around the paddock so well we decided to bring her in and get started. She has settled back into stable life well and will do a couple of weeks cantering before resuming fast work.

Minnie Malachi

After one week in the paddock, Minnie Malachi is moving around very well and looks good to return to work on the 21st of July as planned.

Minnie Malachi

Minnie Malachi successfully completed her first barrier trial on Friday and has been passed to start racing.

The video of the trial can be viewed here.

She had good barrier manners and jumped quickly, mustering a bit too much early speed. We would have ideally liked to see her ridden a bit more conservatively in the early stages and finish off the trial better. Her jockey said she was tractable and would have come back if asked so we are not concerned that she will over race when she has her first start.

Her brother, Malachi Crunch, also began his racing career trying to lead up the field but we know he is much better sitting back and sprinting home, so this is what we will plan to do with Minnie Malachi too.

She was a bit sore after the trial and overly anxious so we have sent her to the paddock for 3 to 4 weeks to just relax and get over the whole experience. Now she has her barrier certificate, she can work up to a race much more quickly when she returns to the stables.


Minnie Malachi

Minnie Malachi did a great job at the jumpouts this morning. She loaded perfectly and was quick away. She worked nicely to the line and will now go to the barrier trials at Moruya on the 28th of June to be passed to race. (Video above and helmet camera video below).


Minnie Malachi


Minnie Malachi is coming along great and is aiming to jumpout at Moruya on the 11th of June. She will then barrier trial at Moruya on the 28th to be passed to start racing.

She has been doing 3/4 pace on the grass and is ready to gallop next week.

Minnie Malachi

Minnie Malachi started 3/4 pace work on the grass this week (video above). She is naturally very fit and has no trouble with the step up in work. She continues to work towards a jumpout in mid June.

Minnie Malachi

Minnie Malachi has started pace work this week and is going well (video above). She will continue to build up her fitness and should be ready for a jumpout in mid June.

Minnie Malachi

Minnie Malachi has started her fourth week of slow work and is coming along well. She will be ready to start some pace work next week. She is much more professional in her attitude this preparation and she has been sound and happy since resuming work.

Minnie Malachi

Minnie Malachi only has one week of spelling left until she returns to the stables. She is moving really well now (click above for video) and she looks well rested.

Minnie Malachi


Minnie Malachi has been in the paddock for a week and is starting to move around a bit better. After going shin sore in her first jumpout, she has been a bit lame but she is on the improve.

Minnie Malachi, Molosso Mimosso

Moruya Jumpouts 12/02/19

Minnie Malachi & Molosso Mimosso went to the jumpouts at Moruya this morning.

Molosso Mimosso was significantly improved from her last jumpout a fortnight ago. She jumped with the other runners and worked well to the line. She will go to the barrier trials at Canberra on the 22nd to be passed to start racing in NSW. Molosso wore a tongue tie today and it will stay on for the trial.

Minnie Malachi had her first ever jumpout and she did very well. She was ridden by Pat Scorse and he was surprised it was her first time because she jumped with the field, was very balanced and sprinted well to the finish, just getting a bit tired at the very end.

Assuming she recovers well from today, Minnie Malachi with have a second jumpout in a fortnight.

Minnie Malachi

Minnie Malachi’s first jumpout ended in a bit of a mishap on Tuesday morning.

She was brilliant in the race day stalls (photo above) and good going up to the start. When she was behind the barriers, waiting to load, she reversed into the rail and scared herself, jumping forwards and losing her rider. She ran back to the mounting yard without injuring herself but she did lose a shoe so was unable to do the jumpout.

She has been trackworking well since Tuesday and will gallop on Saturday morning. We will take her back to the jumpouts on the 12th of February.

Minnie Malachi

Minnie Malachi continues to improve each time she gallops. The video above is from Saturday morning (she is on the outside). She also galloped on Tuesday morning and both times she worked home in an 11 second furlong.

We are planning on taking her to the jumpouts on Tuesday at Moruya for her first outing. She will just be there for practice, not to break any records, and to have a good experience.

Minnie Malachi

It’s been another big week for Minnie Malachi. With so many new things to learn, she is busy learning her trade each day.

She galloped for the first time this week, running up the last furlong on the B grass. It can take a while to learn how to balance at a full gallop carrying a rider but she was very good. She is confident, travels straight and has a good action.

She went on another trail ride and also had her second jumpout practice at the barriers (video above). She was quicker to jump than her first attempt and was very easy to load into the gates. The lead horse is Shamus (Depreciation) who is very experienced and was having his final sprint up before racing on Monday so he didn’t wait for her this time. Each time they jumpout when they are learning, they get a bit quicker and using an experience horse like Shamus to show them the ropes is far more effective than rushing them out of the gates.