Minnie Malachi

Minnie Malachi has come along faster than anticipated since her spell so we sent her around at the jumpouts on Thursday morning (in yellow in the video above). We wanted her to settle and work home over the line which she did very well.

We are aiming to trial her again at Moruya on the 18th of August before she has her first race. We are not satisfied that she learnt enough in her first barrier trial (in June) to perform well at the races so we would like her to have more practice before her racing debut. In her first trial she ran as fast as she could from the barriers until she ran out of steam. We need her to learn to settle and sprint in order for her to be competitive.

Her jumpout on Thursday was a good step in the right direction and if her trial goes well we will race her on the 3rd of September at Moruya.