Cosmic Barb

We couldn’t be happier with how Cosmic Barb is improving week to week. Each time she is asked to do something, whether it be her fast work, jumping out of the barriers or trying something new like the trail ride through the bush track, she takes it in her stride and builds on her previous experience.

On Tuesday morning she had her first gallop, running up the last furlong of her pace work. This morning she jumped out of the barriers with two other young horses and our stable pony and galloped 400m. She is second from the left in the video below with the rider in the black and white cap. She hesitated slightly as the gates popped but she lengthened into the gallop the best of the three young horses and was chasing down the pony (who is the horse on the right, closest to the camera). The pony is very sensible in the gates and very quick out so we use him to teach the young horse to be calm in the gates and to jump quickly and run straight when they come out.

Cosmic Barb will have a similar practice next week and she could be ready for a proper jumpout on the 6th of November if all continues to plan.