Airfree continues to build up her fitness this week. The video above shows her leading Pinch River on the bush trail on Thursday morning.


Airfree is back in work at the track. She is her usual fiery self and is working and eating very well. She will do another two weeks of cantering before she starts fast work (video above).


Click above for video update on Airfree


Airfree has come through her trip to Randwick on the weekend excellently. She is fresh as ever and full of beans. She will have a gallop on Saturday and we are planning on racing again at Kembla Grange on the 15th.


Click above for a video update on Airfree.


Airfree is ready to race at Sapphire Coast on Sunday after her gallop with Lincoln Cash Man on Tuesday morning (video above). Both horses worked really well and they came home in the following sectionals:

17.04, 15.23, 14.15, 11.57, 11.49

She went to the river on Wednesday morning (video below). She likes to follow the other horses when she is wading in the river and we think she has figured out if she stays in another horses wake it is easier to walk than if she has to break through the water herself.


Airfree has pulled up very well from her race at Moruya on Monday. The video above shows her following Living Doll through the river on Tuesday morning. It was a frustrating run with nothing going right but she will be ready to race again at Sapphire Coast on the 3rd of February at the Showcase meeting.


Airfree is entered to race at Moruya on Monday. She had a solid gallop with Resort on Tuesday morning (video above – onboard Airfree). They worked home the last two furlongs in:

11.77, 11.41

Airfree was wearing her tongue tie in this gallop and will continue to wear it at the races.

She went to the river on Wednesday for a recovery session (photo below) and she will sprint up on Friday morning for her final hit out.

Airfree (centre)

Airfree has pulled up very well from her race at Moruya on Monday. We were delighted with how she finished off with such good late acceleration. The best news is she recovered very quickly afterwards and looks to be fully over the heart arrhythmia that halted her preparation at Goulburn last year.

She will aim to race again in the Class 2 1200m at Moruya on Narooma Cup Day 21st of January. She has been doing some easy trackwork and trail rides (video above) this week.


This great photo from Bradley Photographers (above) shows her determination and how close she came to running down “The Crunch”.


Airfree had a good hit out with Resort this morning up the home straight (video above). They worked the last two furlongs in:

12.43, 11.43

She will be taking on the BM58 over 1200m on Monday at Moruya.


Airfree has come through her barrier trial excellently. She was not asked to do much in the trial and just worked to the line under a hold (click her for trial replay). She has been passed to race again and will go to Moruya on the 7th of January. She will be entered in the BM58 over 1200m.

She galloped with Resort on Saturday morning over 1000m (video above). The furlong sectionals were:

15.75, 14.15, 13.52, 12.09, 11.28


Airfree had a strong gallop on Tuesday morning from the 800m mark with a mate (video above). Her furlong sectionals were:

15.76, 12.96, 11.44, 11.05

and she pulled up very well from the gallop.

She had a recover session at the river on Wednesday morning (video below) and she is entered to trial at Moruya on Sunday after the races.



Airfree is back at the stables after her two week break in the paddock.

She has been cantering the past two mornings (click above to view video) and will start some pace work towards the end of the week.

We are aiming to trial her at Moruya on the 23rd.



Airfree has not eaten up well over the weekend following her gallop on Saturday morning.

We have elected not to trial her on Friday while she isn’t 100%. Instead, we will send her to the paddock for two weeks and then trial her at Moruya on the 23rd of December. This still fits in with our plan to race her on Moruya Cup Day on the 7th of January while allowing her to be at her best before returning to the races.

Airfree, Belle Tournure

Airfree and Belle Tournure had a good gallop on the course proper on Saturday morning. Their furlong sectionals from the 800m were:

14.43, 14.06, 11.04, 11.03

Belle’s work was very strong, galloping hard on the bit through the finish line. She is on track to race at Sapphire Coast on the 3rd.

Airfree wore the tongue tie for the first time galloping and we will now add it to her gear for race day. She didn’t resent it at all, she was controllable and her breathing sounded good. She will trial at Canberra on the 30th as planned.

Airfree, Belle Tournure
Belle Tournure (left), Airfree (centre) & Shamus (right)

Airfree went to the river for the first time this morning. It can be a bit scary for the horses the first time they go and Airfree is a little firecracker but she was excellent.

She went with experienced horses Belle and Shamus and was very comfortable wading up and down the river. She wasn’t even put off by the stingrays zooming along the bottom in front of them. The river is a great tool for their recovery after racing and to break up their routine.


Airfree galloped on the course proper this morning, working from the 1000m mark and sprinting up the straight. She was a bit flat the last furlong so we are going to try a tongue tie on her this week to see if she has been getting her tongue over the bit and cutting off her air when she gallops. We suspect she may have done this in the race at Goulburn, which then resulted in the reaction from her heart.

We are still aiming to barrier trial her on the 30th.


Airfree galloped on Thursday morning, working from the 1000m mark.

We will aim to trial her on the 30th at Canberra and then look to race again at Canberra on the 16th of December.

Airfree, The Amazing Tahlia

Airfree (inside) has been cleared by the vet to resume work and she had an easy canter this morning. She will pace work on Thursday and then we will decide when to trial her.

Our new arrival, The Amazing Tahlia (outside), has settled in very well and has done two mornings of cantering. She will pace work on Thursday to give us a gauge on how soon she should go to the races.